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Known for loving florals, old-fashioned blue + white chinoiserie, timeless images, and family heirlooms. 

I'm a lover of beautiful light and intimate moments. There is a good chance that if I spot great light during our time together, you will see me do a happy dance and prompt you to step into it. 

Like an old friend from high school, I strive to match the energy in every moment. I often laugh or cry with my clients in the sweetest moments on wedding days and during milestone sessions.

I specialize in creating comfortable, joyful, and genuine client experiences. This affects every aspect of how your photos will turn out. If you're down with a new bestie and a dance partner on your wedding day, let's get you on the books!





Family heirlooms, black and white images, soft light, vintage china, and all the staples of a southern, charming couple/family are what I thrive on. When you look back on the images captured during our time together, I want you to be able to relive that very moment just by glancing at an image.


I am a firm believer that those in-between moments, where you think no one is looking, are the moments worth capturing the most. At the end of the day, you deserve images as remarkable as your love story.


Like an old friend, we will laugh, dance, hug, and cheer as we capture the milestones of your story. I want to be the girl you call when you get engaged, married, announce you are expecting, and celebrate all the milestones of life with your little ones. Not because I am a photographer, but because I am a friend. 


Authentic, real-time emotion can be felt through a single image. The love shared between you and your loved ones should be felt as you flip through the pages of your legacy album in 30 years with your grandchildren.


Let's make
something beautiful

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